Mars: In the Roman pantheon, few command as much respect, nor demand as much fear, as Mars. God of War, his footfalls have stalked countless battlefields, and his desire is the pitiless carnage of conflict.

Mars favors the simple solution of a head-on charge, and only grows more powerful when his chosen devotees perish. His overriding philosophy is Aggression, and he particularly despises the wiles and tricks of Hera.

Below you will find Mars, along with a sampling of cards that he prefers.

Hera: Queen of the Greek Gods, Hera is a master manipulator due to her squabbling and treacherous family. Aeons of balancing their petty schemes against one another has honed her power into a knife so sharp it is nearly invisible.

The first clue an opponent receives that they have roused her ire is the delicate *snikt* of a perfectly sprung trap, and by then it is far too late. Hera pursues the philosophy of Negotiation, but it is a foolish warrior indeed who believes that makes her soft.

Below you will find Hera, along with a sampling of cards she prefers.